2024 SSD Appeal

November 09, 2023 by Dru Lavigne

Help Drive Network Time Foundation Forward!

As the innovative guardians of the open source timekeeping ecosystem, Network Time Foundation is in charge of keeping our digital infrastructure running smoothly. This includes everything from developer resources to time lab equipment to websites to mailing lists to wikis to code repositories, and so on. You can get a glimpse of how we maintain access to plenty of computing resources at an affordable cost in our article Co-locating Deftly.

It’s time to upgrade some of our tech gear, and right now, it’s all about improving the SSD storage in our private cloud.

To break it down:

  • We currently operate out of 3 major US data centers.
  • Each data center hosts 8 high-performance hypervisors (that’s 24 in total).
  • Each hypervisor requires 3 high-capacity 4TB SSDs, totaling 72 SSDs.
  • 4TB SSDs cost $230 apiece, resulting in a total hardware cost of $16,560.

To equip one data center with these new SSDs costs $5,520. We estimate the total cost to be around $6,500 per data center, including expenses for our infrastructure engineers to travel to the data centers and perform the upgrades. The grand total to upgrade all 3 data centers is approximately $19,500.

We’re reaching out to you for support. Can you help Network Time Foundation achieve this financial goal? Your contribution will enable us to carry out these essential upgrades by the end of the year. Please consider donating. Your support means a lot to us!

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